The UWA Board Members
Box Elder County Rep.

When I was young, you could find me outside with a friend sloshing through the marsh on our way to a duck blind. The old Davis duck club was a beautiful wetland. I can still see it in my mind. Never short on birds! Some of my fondest memories were made here, chasing birds. Slapping insects and being colder than I had clothes to keep me warm…  The activity of it all. That’s why I hunt! From the truck ride out, to walking in the marsh finding the perfect spot to set out our decoys. I find so much joy in watching the birds work, and a good dog retrieving.

Those are the memories I want for my kids. Perhaps something they will enjoy as much as I did when I was young!

That heritage must not be lost! The wetlands must not be lost. If we come together as one we can preserve the migration that Mother Nature so beautifully has made for us! Not just for us… but for the next generations to enjoy.  Conservation efforts are hard work. There is much that needs to be done! But nothing worth while is ever easy. Join us to help protect the marsh we all love!