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The UWA is always watching for issues that will affect our waterfowling tradition here in Utah. Sometimes these issues threaten waterfowl or waterfowl habitat directly. Other times there are issues that affect hunters and the future of waterfowl hunting.  Many of the threats that impact us as waterfowlers begin with laws passed by our elected officials.  One of the best ways to protect our hunting heritage is to have a say in how our government operates.

A great way to have a say is to be engaged with our local elected officials. The Utah Waterfowl Association urges all of our members to take a few minutes to call or email their legislators, county commissioners, and state Senators with a short message about the value of our wetlands (a recent study found that Waterfowling around the Great Salt Lake produces a $97 million dollar economic impact to Utah’s economy each year).  Let them know we are here, we are involved, and we vote.

Another great way to have a say is to participate in your local party caucuses.  Especially if you are nominated and elected as a delegate to your party’s county or state convention. This simple effort takes very little time, but puts you in a position where you become part of the political process.  As a delegate, you will find yourself the center of attraction from office seekers.  Concerned about wetlands, duck hunting, public access and other important issues? They are all ears.  Better yet, you’ll get to know them and what they really stand for. Like it or not, the real elections in Utah occur at the state and county conventions and we, as Utah Waterfowl Association members, need to be heard.

Protecting our waterfowling heritage, as well as the habitat waterfowl need to thrive is an ongoing battle that can only be won if we participate in the processes that we are constitutionally guaranteed.  We will continue to provide you with a description of the issues we are working on as an organization to help you be as informed as possible, and what we believe are the desired outcomes. Having good information and a purpose is crucial when working with the elected officials.

Never underestimate yourself and the power of one voice in a free society.  The world is run by those who show up.  Be one of them.